Special Projects

Community Outreach

QLA’s Community Outreach encompasses all of Queens.

QLA is a member of the Far Rockaway Arverne Non-Profit Coalition (FRANC) which consists of over 20 organizations serving the people of Rockaway in a variety of ways.  Through this partnership, we are able to bring our services directly to the community by organizing and supporting local events, attending community Board meetings, and Community Council meetings.

QLA also sponsors athletic teams, including Basketball, Softball, Baseball, and Dance teams.

School Based Youth Justice Court (FRHS Campus)

As an alternative to suspension, students who are charged with school related infractions are referred to the QLA Youth Justice Court.  There students are trained as Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys.   The “charged” youth is appointed an attorney, and a trial is conducted.  If there is a finding of guilt, there is a consequence handed down by the all student jury, and once completed, the students case is dismissed.  All consequences are based on the theory of restorative justice.

Know your Rights Workshops

QLA’s Outreach staff provides a variety of informational workshops, throughout Queens.  Subjects include Immigration, Domestic Violence, Family Law, Criminal Law, Records Sealing, and Housing.


QLA partners with Unlocking Futures, a Non-Profit Organization to provide At Risk Youth with Peer & Adult Mentors.

Other Community Partners:   Queens Library, NYPD 101 Pct., Urban Outbound, Child Center of NY, Catholic Charities