Queens Law Associates was founded in 1996 by attorneys committed to providing the highest quality legal representation in the area of criminal defense. At the time of its founding QLA had just 8 attorneys and a small number of support staff. The organization, moreover, only represented individuals charged with criminal offenses. Since then, the office has grown to more than 52 attorneys and 33 support staff. In addition to criminal cases, QLA now handles family law cases that include visitation and custody related matters and also advises clients on immigration issues.

Areas of Legal Representation

Criminal Defense

Once assigned to a criminal case, QLA attorneys conduct investigations, interview witnesses, and engage in settlement conferences with the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and the Court.


Major Trials

Major Trials Division consists of select, experienced attorneys who handle serious, complex, or high publicity cases. These lawyers work closely with experts, investigators, and social workers to ensure that every client receives the best defense possible.


Treatment Courts

QLA maintains a dedicated attorney as a member of the team in each of the treatment courts to represent all of the office’s clients, seeking to secure their legal interests while their clinical needs are met.


Domestic Violence

The Queens Integrated Domestic Violence Court, also known as QIDV, is one of New York’s problem-solving courts. QIDV handles related civil, criminal, and matrimonial matters with one judge presiding over multiple types of cases.


Felony Youth

Our Felony Youth Defender Unit is made up of a select group of attorneys who represent adolescents charged with felony offenses.



Queens is the most diverse county in the United States, with a foreign-born population of more than 45 percent according to the 2010 U.S. Census. QLA’s Immigration Program consists of in-house immigration lawyers who work closely with clients and defense attorneys to address criminal charges.

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Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for QLA services, clients must be financially unable to retain private counsel. In addition, they must be facing criminal charges in Queens County Criminal Court. QLA attorneys are most often assigned by the court in arraignments following an arrest.